Saturday, January 9, 2010


Just started David Siegel's new book, Pull: The Power of the Semantic Web...
Have been thinking a great deal about information, reading, books, internet, libraries, knowledge management basically. I'm finding that I am not reading books less these days, but with computers and the internet, I'm reading a bit differently.

I'm reading in both medium simultaneously. I'm broadening my reading experience by in-filling from the web. It is a brave new world with lots of scary big brothers and uncle sams looking over our shoulders, but it's a world where governments will be more transparent along with our personal lives. As with most things, we've got to take the good with the bad and make the most of it.

Back to PULL. Here's one of the ways I'm reading these days, I guess we could call it reading for future reference. (In the not too distant future, I'm sure this blog post exercise will become unnecessary as all the links from the book will be made available as part of the publishing package. But until then, here's the wysiwyg where "structured data comes out of the deep web and onto the open web, forming the foundation of the semantic web."
Cyc Zoe member of readers anon??? pub format
xbrl comp lang
fpml comp lang
rubee new rfid
Dvorak keyboard
optimus maximus keyboard
digital signatures
Ambient Findability Peter Morville
ambient intelligence
hResume microformat space + time (sterling, b)
gsi commerce

Web 3.0 = context Semantic web Get used to it. It's upon us.
Except for content metadata or format metadata. Intended use of data or content can determine designation.
Web 3.0 = smart data or metadata: maps, menus, manuals, receipts, invoices, catalogs...etc. The only thing that isn't metadata is content.

"...if you're not findable, you're not relevant. ...Bot to be relevant, you'll have to make a difference in people's lives." Peter Morville

"...the solution to the overabundance of information is more information." David Weinberger

"In a time of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future." Eric Hoffer

Today at the gym, in the sauna, young woman reading an ebook on her iphone. Welcome 21st century readers, this twit's for you.