Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Learning Curves, Bumps & Rolls

Long time no post, but that is as expected given the workload these days. Our project is moving forward with many delays and cross-communications. Everyone is sick of the talking and planning phase and wants to see this machine in action. Unfortunately, we still have a long and winding road.

Because Yuba County's unit will be a built-in we have had to go through the bid process with a contractor in order to make modifications to the building, i.e., cutting a hole in the wall. IT has coordinated the installation of high speed cable for internet access to Distec, Sirsi.net and our administrative computer here in house.

One of the most confusing pieces to date for me has been the RFID tags since I've never been in a library that utilizes this technology. I've been getting some help from Contra Costa County Library on what to expect. I love the way librarians like to help each other learn. We want to share what we know with anyone willing to take us on. This is the reason a project like this is do-able for a small library like ours. Going from mechanical drawings such as those provided by the vendor to a finished product, such as the one above, may have resulted in a few bruises to the ego every time I've had to admit my ignorance, but every time I ask one of those stupid questions, there has been someone with the patience to explain it and explain it ad nauseum if necessary.

That's why I'm doing this blog: Any one who can benefit from my bumps and rolls is welcome to a boost around that circuitous learning curve.

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