Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Widgets & Gadgets & Blogs, Oh MY!

ALA workshop reminded me of how little I know and far there is to go to be Web2.0 (L2) savvy. It seems as if all I do these days is create new free accounts with no time to use them, apply what I learned or often even remember the password to the latest addition to what is cascading into a torrent of "It's all about ME" resources.

Fun as it all is, has been and will be, the only thing that keeps me taking the learning curve at 90 mph is knowing that somewhere along the way I'll be able to make it more manageable for someone else. The choices are multiplying like bunnies (have you seen Bob Stupel et al's Everything Web 2.0? I found it on Sacred Cow Dung as "the List," but it's been distributed all over the web. (It's so amazing, I just linked to twice just in case you weren't tempted by the first one.) I believe this list has been growing since 2006.

Forget about the 43 things, the list is 43+ printed pages of things for us to learn & play.

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