Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You know you're a 21st century librarian when...
After seeing this month's American Libraries Direct article/link, I had to add my own version.

Last week on "vacation" I was exploring Book Passage, reknowned Bay area book store and author haunt in Marin County, when I was struck by how I could catch up on a bit of collection development whle browsing. I posed my somewhat strange idea to Nick, BP staffer behind the desk, and he gave me the OK.

I proceeded with what would be the 21st century librarian's vacation photo album: snapshots of books that I soon ordered upon my return to work. Sitting at my desk, browsing through my photos (ahhh...fond memories of book flaps coupled with anticipation of future reading extravaganzas) while typing titles and authors into Baker & Taylor.

As we move into the world of Android barcode scanners and QR code applications on phones, I think of the all the time saved and improved quality of collection development that is now at our fingertips. And it blows me away. After a bit of practice with Android, I'm going to see if I can make make my next vacation an even more efficient collection development experience.

Watch out Powell's!!!

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Jeff Scott said...

That's hilarious! There is definitely an Android App to to take a picture of the book barcode and look up the book. One of our youth librarians did that with her iPhone at Borders for collection development purposes. Of course, when I was at PLA, I spent all my free time at Powell's. My wife asked me what I did in Portland. I said I went to Powell's. Did you go anywhere else? (looking sheepishly) No, I went to Powell's. Ah Librarians...