Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Uninformed Local Government & LSSI Questionable Marketing Tactics

Reference Library Journal article

(Here’s LSSI’s press release. Here’s coverage from the Los Angeles Daily News, which refers to the company as “LSS.” And here’s coverage from the Santa Clarita Valley Signal.)
As one commenter on the Times article stated, “The city ignored the 99% of citizens who showed up in support of the LA County library and pushed this change through in record time.”
Another stated, “Local residents are preparing a multi-pronged court attack against the City Council’s decision to take over ownership of the libraries and to sign a contract with LSSI.”
[As of 7:00 am Eastern Time on September 28, there are 599 comments which reference, When LSSI Comes to Town, with nearly all critical of LSSI and the concept of private management.

In contrast with LSSI’s pledge that it rehires most of the existing employees when it gets a contract:
LSSI CEO Frank Pezzanite’s ignorance is mind-boggling: “A lot of libraries are atrocious,” he told the Times. “Their policies are all about job security. That’s why the profession is nervous about us. You can go to a library for 35 years and never have to do anything and then have your retirement. We’re not running our company that way. You come to us, you’re going to have to work.”

Pezzanite comments suggest he's never even read a library policy. Anyway, his insulting remarks should be enough to make any librarian currently working for LSSI that has worked in non-LSSI environment give notice. The sad truth is that his attitude is probably shared by the local government decision makers to whom he sells his anti-union one trick pony.

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